TOUCHPOINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD was incorporated on 21 August 2015.We are a leading digital and offset printer in Malaysia.Since our inception we have secured a fair sized client base supplying printing and media tools. We consider ourselves a “one stop” supplier satisfying client demand. We are a registered printer on Google Maps and can be found by simply searching for a printer.

TOUCHPOINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD has become one of the most energetic and innovative in the printing industry. Its reputation for professionalism and exemplary service has led to long-term relationship.

Since its inception, TOUCHPOINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD has made a commitment to building trust and establishing long-term relationships, which in has helped bring additional business opportunities to our customers.We understand that the services provided to them are productive,efficient and reliable.

TOUCHPOINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD is dedicated to achieve excellence and maintaining our leadership in the the printing industry by providing superior services to our valued customers in meeting their competitive prices.

We believe TOUCHPOINT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD has raised the standard of quality and professionalism in our industry creating innovative business solution for our customer has been our standard.


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Development - 10 years
Design - 8 years
Photography - 6 years
Video Production - 5 years


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